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Happy Easter for all! :)

Hello everybody!!!

I wish Happy Easter:

1. to all me classmates

2. to Ms Anna

3. to Ms Dimitra

4. to Mrs Christina

5. to Mr Dimitris

6. to Ms Nina

7. to Ms Sophia


Theodora Aggelidou

C Senior

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hello <3

I have a problem in my school .

We have a greek teacher in our school that shouts to us.

and she doesn't pay  attention to 

some children and the lesson with her  isn't happy 


1 The children should talk to our headmaster.

2 The children should talk to her

3The children should talk to theyr parents. so that they find a solution.



marina givanoudh

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Noise in class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My problem is the noise in class.The children in our class do noise because they fight!!!

The teacher doesn't care and she sleeps!cheeky

She doesn't care about our education and about teaching us new things!!!

She always shouts while we are GOOD students!!!angel

What do you think that I should do???



You should talk to the headmaster and to your parents because they can find a solution to your problem!!!



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A problem in school

A problem in school who is usual is about the bullies!

Bullies usually make fun and call names to the weak and little kids.

They also always hit them and call them names like "Jelly belly" or "Mummy's boy"!!!


Here are some advices for this problem:

1. The children should  talk to the headmaster.

2. Should ignore the bad guys!

3. Should tell them to stop (Pay atention: they can hit you).

Try it!!!!

Theodora and Sotiris

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We have a problem in our class.We have a bad greek teacher. Her name is Anna.

This problem is tragic because she is very angry and very  boring.

What should the students do?

1. They  should talk to the headmaster.

2.They should  be patient.

3.They sould talk to their family to find a solution.




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Problem at school!

In my school, I have a big problem!

Some kids in my class make fun at my Best Friend!

She tries to ignore them, which is

the best thing to do, but I can tell that she is upset!

Yesterday, I told them to stop, but as soon as I

left the room they

started to tease her again.

What do you think I should do?sad




1.She should tell that to your teacher or your headmaster

in order to do something about that!

2.She should tell to your friend to talk about that problem

to her parents. Maybe they can help with this!


Aggeliki and Sofia!

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Once upon a time it was a girl.The girl was going to bathroom and she was looking at a broken mirror and  the girl got scared. The girl run  to kicten and tuOnce upon a time it was a girl.The girl was going to bathroom and she was looking at a broken mirror and  the girl got scared. The girl run  to kicten and embered  the day esday 13th!!

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Tuesday 13!

Yesterday it was Tuesday 13!



Yesterday it was the most weird day of my life!

In the morning, I woke up early to go to school!

When I was walking I had a feeling that someone

was following me but I wasn't see him.

When I arrived to school, no one was here.

I was ALONE!!!!!!!

Then I saw a murderer came to my side!

I started to run when I arrived to my house.

I was trying to get in but the door wasn't open!!!!!!!

And then……………




I was DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

And now… I'm writing to you from the computer room of paradise!

I'm having lots of fun!!!!

Sofia and Aggeliki






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Tuesday 13th November!!! FASOLADA

Yesterday it was Tuesday 13th November 2012!

Me and my classmates went to Thermy! Afterwards we played football!.

Then we were thirsty and we needed water. But………..



Maybe it was the spirit of the evil FASOLADA!!!!!!!




Oh My God!

Theodora and Sotiris

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One Direction- One Thing

I love this song! See it!


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